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Rats can cause serious damage to your home and disease. Common indicators of a rat problem include finding droppings or evidence of gnawing, seeing rat tracks, hearing scurrying sounds or squeaking in walls, smelling a musky scent, finding burrows or even seeing dead rats.
We can get rats terrorizing your home safely.
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can toad removal

Cane Toads are very dangerous and are known for killing pets due to their poisonous glands. At My Pest Defense we do a thorough inspection of your home to find the cane toads in the places they like to hide and remove them from your property. This service can de done in residential and commercial properties as well as HOA communities. 

my pest defense


My Pest Defense uses Integrated Pest Management. It is a pest control approach that uses the least toxic methods first.  Includes common sense methods based on scientific knowledge of the pest and its habits

We eliminate unwanted pests by safely applying on a quarterly basis materials around foundation, entry ways, window frames and thresholds.           

Common pests treated: Ant,cockroach,spider,millipede,silverfish,pantry pests,removal of wasp nests, and more.

web wiping


Cobwebs originate from the same source, but there is also a distinct difference between the two. Essentially, a cobweb is the left over remnants of a no longer used spider web.
When a spider dies, or moves on to a more fly-filled locale, the web remains to deteriorate as it collects dust and other debris. This is what gives cobwebs their familiar and unsightly appearance. 
Our Long Reach Webster offers one of the best ways to remove cobwebs from around home and lanai enclosure.

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